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We are very easy to find being 5 mins from the Clock Tower, just walk south towards the Cathedral up Silver Street and we are 70 meters up on the right hand side at the corner of Silver Street and the Royal Arcade.

Only a few minutes from the Mammons Waterstones between the two branches in fact.

The Lanes is a little talked about and less publicised by the Council than it ought to be, with them having sold their souls to the god of the hugh faceless,anonymous and more importantly ubiquitous Shopping Malls where one could be anywhere on the planet it seems as all the shop are the sadly the same and sell the same things MacDonalds in Marrakesh and Nike in Northampton.

This area is populated by small independent niche retailers with a fantastic range of interestingly different goods and services for sale.Goldsmiths to GStrings (Lingerie doesn't rhyme) and Posters to Pizzas.


What a bold claim!

Easy! Ours are already printed on paper for you. You don't have to have a £500 machine to tell another £50 minimum machine to print it off for you to study whilst you walk or alternatively have a different £350 ish machine or £30 p/mth machine with a £50 ish GPS package to show you the way. then you need to feed the printer with a fluid you pay the equivalent of £120 a wine bottle full of the stuff and you call it progress?

Oh yes! Ours have stood the test of time too...... a few hundred years these ink on paper maps have lasted, been kept safe bound in animal skins and look very nice framed on your wall as well as being a rather good investment.. This digital stuff is stored on media with a lifetime of ?? Do you really know? Early silent film stock didn't last too long nor does the means of playing this media. Remember 5" floppies or Betamax? It was said to be the superior format of the time too.

Then a poignant thing I heard was the penchant of a American University librarian to be at the forefront of the technical revolution and scanned in their complete collection of antique books, sold them, but then it was pointed out that the book's text had been scanned but none of the books illustrations!