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As we offer Picture Framing in Leicester we need images to frame so we stock a wide range of posters concentrating on Original Vintage Posters in Leicester

We have available quite a few iconic images ANDY WARHOL PERRIER WATER BOTTLES, Bob Dylan by Milton Glaser , Rolling Stones by John Pashe , Beatles by Richard Avedon , Seasick Steve , for example with many more available to order. All of these are Original Vintage Posters in Leicester.

Our stock ranges from an original 1999 Andy Warhol CHANEL NO 5 POSTER & The original 1967 Richard Avedon psychedelic BEATLES POSTERS to old film posters in Leicester. Illustrated above is the Leicester original vintage poster by Andy Warhol of the Perrier Water Bottles. We also have the composite view of all four Beatles as well as John Lennon Vintage Poster , Paul McCartney Vintage Poster , Ringo Starr Vintage Poster , George Harrison Vintage Poster , are all available here in Leicester where we do Picture framing in Leicester. Another original vintage poster in Leicester is the ROLLING STONES 1972 Tour Poster by John Pashe. This is a superb "Art Deco" style travel poster harping back to that golden era of 1930's Travel Posters.

We only have a two sets of Original vintage Posters in Leicester depicting the Four Beatles left now but there are still several singles. They already have been mounted onto linen which is the method that museums use for conserving original posters. This quite expensive process enables the posters to be handled more easily and remain relatively flat when framed.

All of posters are available framed and mounted to match your preference why not come in to ask for some advice.

We not only sell Original Vintage Posters in Leicester, we do picture framing in Leicester and can frame for you any original vintage poster in Leicester that we sell or any of your OWN posters.

So just to confirm (for the crawler engines) if you hadn't already twigged, which I am sure you have, we offer a very comprehensive service of picture framing in Leicester as well as supplying Original Vintage Posters here in Leicester. 


Fine Art Prints in Leicester. Gustav Klimt THE KISS

Fine Art Prints in Leicester are here in plenty for you to choose from and literally thousands more are ready to be ordered from a range of catalogues. They only take a few days to arrive and are fully guaranteed in quality. They form one part of our Picture Framing in Leicester Service. Another is Antique Prints in Leicester as well as Antique Maps in Leicester.I'm really sorry that this doesn't read smoothly but it is because of the requirements of crawler engines that scan these web pages for Keywords.

You can select a number of fine art prints on line from PGM Art World for example, THE KISS by Gustav Klimt is illustrated above. It has been highlighted with gold coloured foil and is a masterpiece of German printing. Another 110% reliable supplier of Quality Fine Art Prints and Posters to us is International Graphics based in Germany. The Germans invented printing (with moveable metal type) and they are still the best in the world. We also recomend companies likewww.kingandmcgaw.com

These are just three of the several suppliers of high quality Fine Art prints to us here in Leicester , all of which can be ordered to arrive promptly (usually 2/3 days). Then once they are here we can sensibly decide how they should be framed if that is your wish.

All Fine Art prints in Leicester can be framed using a wide selection of mouldings ranging from contemporary to more classical styles. Why not pop in for a free estimate. One of the many services we supply is Picture Framing in Leicester.